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Sponsored Patients Department Assistance

The Sponsored Patients Department is made up of a dedicated team of six Government officers. Our aim is to help and guide patients and their escorts so their transition from Gibraltar to UK is as stress free as possible.

If patients travelling to London wish to request accommodation at Calpe House, they should ask the Sponsored Patient Department officer who is dealing with their case. That officer will in turn inform Calpe House Trust who will process the request. The GHA team will ensure that all the travel arrangements and paperwork is prepared and available prior to the trip.

The team also provides the essential link between Gibraltar and the UK, for families who are away. It provides a 24hr on-call service which runs throughout the year ensuring that patients and their escorts can contact us if they have any problems or need to make any new travel arrangements to return home.
To contact us please call +350 200 72266 and ask to be put through to the sponsored patients officer on call.

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Before you leave Gibraltar

Stick couple with keyWe are pleased to be able to offer you a place to stay in Calpe House while you are visiting a hospital in London.

We hope your treatment goes well and that you will be able to return to Gibraltar soon.

Calpe House Trust has accommodated patients on over 5000 visits to London. Patients will want to ensure their stay and the stay of other patients, is as comfortable as possible. Please take note of the following Guidelines which are drawn up for residents, escorts and visitors to the Home.

You will want to ensure your visitors are aware of these guidelines too.

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Additional escorts

In the event of a third person wishing to accompany a patient and escort, this may be possible if a three bedded room is available, and should be arranged in liaison with the Calpe Trust Gibraltar Office. A donation will be accepted towards the cost of running the Home.

Young people of 15 years and over only. 

Remembering that Calpe House is primarily a hospital accommodation facility, for patients receiving sometimes quite high doses of treatment, it is not in the interests of young children to be in the home.

For this reason, under no circumstances can children (under the age of 15) other than the patient should they be a child, be accommodated at Calpe House.

In the event of a child being brought along by a third party and left to stay at Calpe House, the patient’s accommodation allocation will be cancelled immediately, they and all persons concerned, will be asked to leave. Should a patient arrive with a child, they will not be allowed into the House and the Trustees will not honour any accommodation allocation.


Please ensure you arrive at Calpe House with sufficient UK coinage to use in the pay phones and vending machines, as Gibraltar coins may block the mechanism, and are not accepted by the banks.

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Day Visitors

The Trustees ask that all residents respect the special role of Calpe House as a Home were where people who are often not feeling well themselves, or are stressed about the wellbeing of the patent they are escorting, need peace and quiet to aid their recovery.

Residents should ensure visitors understand this, and that they should:


The Trust has a duty to protect patients, escorts and staff from abusive and disrespectful behaviour from any person. Any person under the influence of drink causing a disturbance will not be tolerated. The Housekeeper represents the Trust and has the power to evict any person who disrupts the peace in the Home.


There is a No Smoking policy in every part of the house. This is both a legal requirement, and in order to protect the health of residents. The Fire Alarm system may be activated by cigarette smoke.

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Calpe House Location

Address & Contact Details
19-21/22 Norfolk Square, Paddington, London. W2 IRW
Office Telephone +44 (0) 20 72218713 / +44 207 792 4854
Email Calpe Trust Gibraltar Office:
Email Calpe House London [To be advised]

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adjoining-norfolk-square_6cmArriving at Calpe House

You will have received a Front Door key from the Calpe Trust office in Gibraltar.

If the Housekeeper is not at the Home when you arrive, he will have left your Flat and Bedroom keys in an envelope addressed to you, this will be pinned on the Notice Board in the Front Hallway.

The Housekeeper is required to keep your personal details on record an will ask you for these and your appointment dates when he first meets you.

Internet Access 

There is Wifi Access throughout the House, ask the Housekeeper for password.

A few nearby Supermarkets 

Sainsbury’s: Paddington Station Concourse.

Budgens: Praed Street.

Tesco: Paddington Express, West End Quay, Paddington

Prevent Loss or Damage 

Do not leave valuables or money in your apartment and please make sure that your bedroom and apartment doors are locked when you go out. The Front Door should be kept securely locked at all times. The Trustees can accept no responsibility for the loss of or damage to property, valuables or money left on the premises.

Before going out ensure that the water taps and heating are turned off, the lights are out and all electrical appliances: cooker, microwave oven, television, kettle, are all switched off, but that the refrigerator is switched on.

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Safety and Security


  1. Housekeeper: Mobile +44 (0) 777 277 4836
  2. Trustees London: Albert Poggio +44 (0)20 7836 0777
  3. Trustees Gibraltar: +350 200 75194


Do not feed the pigeonsDO NOT FEED THE PIGEONS.

They are a health hazard to people, and their fouling damages the building.

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The Running of the Home

It is your responsibility to keep your flat clean and tidy during your stay.

Managing your Dates 

Calpe Trust only provides accommodation for patients while they are receiving treatment. Kindly inform the Housekeeper as soon as your Consultant allows you to make arrangements to return to Gibraltar.

After the date of your last hospital appointment you must move out of Calpe House as soon as possible and certainly within 48 hours as there are other patients waiting for accommodation. If you are unable to get a flight within 48 hours you should make alternative arrangements for accommodation. 

Places of Worship 

Roman Catholic Church: Our Lady Queen of Heaven, 4a Inverness Place, Bayswater or Our Lady of the Rosary, 211 Old Marylebone Road, Marylebone

Church of England: St. James’s Church, Sussex Gardens, Paddington

Synagogue: New West End Synagogue, 10 St. Petersburght Place, Paddington

Mosque: The London Central Mosque, 146 Park Road, Regent’s Park.

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Receiving Allowances?

GibraltarHouse-KAKlon_(379)6cmThe Gibraltar Government Office is at Gibraltar House, 150 The Strand. Tel. +44 (0)20 7836 0777. Patients receiving allowances can get there on the No. 23 Bus from outside Paddington Station, or on the Underground, from Paddington Station, Bakerloo Line, to Charing Cross and walk just less than half a mile (blue dotted line) up The Strand. The office is near Aldwych.adjoining-norfolk-square_6cm

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Getting to the Hospital

The Royal Marsden Hospital.
Take the Circle Line from Paddington Underground Station to South Kensington Station. It is a 5 minute walk from there South down Pelham Street, turn right into Onslow Square, cross the square to Summer Place, and continue South to Fulham Road. The Hospital is accross the Road.

The Royal Brompton Hospital. Take the Circle Line from Paddington Underground Station to South Kensington Station. It is an 8 minute walk from there South down Pelham Street, past Onslow Square onto Sydney Place, Turn Left onto Fulham Road, cross Fulham Road and turn right onto Sydney St. cross Cale St, and he Hospital is on your right, the entrance is on the South side of the building.

Great Ormand Street Hospital. From Norfolk Square it is a 9 minute walk South, down London Street turning right onto Sussex Gardens, taking the Left fork onto Westbourne Street, follow this south, Round the Lancaster Hotel to Lancaster Gate Underground Station. Take the Central Line to Holburn Station. It is an 8 minute walk East on High Holborn, north onto Procter St. crossing Thobalds Rd. continue North along Boswell St. turning left onto Great Ormond St. The hospital is on the left, the entrance is about half way along the street.

St. Thomas’ Hospital. Take the Bakerloo Line from Paddington Underground Station to Waterloo. Exit onto York Road, from the Station it is a 7 minute walk South to Westminster Bridge Road, cross the road and turning left walk North down Lambeth Palace Road until you see the Hospital entrance on your left.

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After your treatment, leaving Calpe House

If you have a break in your treatment and will be staying elsewhere, please let the Housekeeper know, as someone else may be able to use the flat for short term treatment.

Any flat left unused for three consecutive days will be taken over and reallocated.

At the end of your treatment you should move out of Calpe House within 48 hours, even if you have to find alternative accommodation before your flight leaves for Gibraltar. 

GHA_New_logo-2.37For confirmation of return flights and enquiries contact the Sponsored Patients Department in Gibraltar 

Office Hours Tel. +350 200 76423, After Hours Tel. +350 200 79700

Gibraltar Health Authority +350 200 72266

Sponsored Patients Department +350 200 72266 Ext. 2041

On leaving at the end of your stay please remember to leave your Bedroom and Flat Keys at Calpe House and to return the Front Door key to the Calpe Trust office in Gibraltar as soon as possible after you get back.

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Return visits to Calpe House

If you need to arrange to come back to Calpe House you must revert to the Sponsored Patients Department, they will in turn liaise with the Calpe Trust. Requests for accommodation will only be processed if they are made via the Sponsored Patients Department.

Requests for accommodation are handled on a ‘first come, first served’ basis using the date the request form is received at the Trust Office from the Sponsored Patients Department, (unless the case is deemed to be a medical emergency by the patient’s Consultant).

If accommodation is unavailable at Calpe House on the requested date, you will be notified several days before your date of departure to London. Your application will then be cancelled and your name taken off the list.

If you wish to apply for accommodation while still in London, you may do so and will be placed on the waiting list. Please contact the Housekeeper on Tel. Tel. +44(0) 020 7792 9854 9.30 am to 1.30 pm from Monday to Friday. Leave your telephone number and your UK address and any other relevant details so that we may contact you as soon as accommodation becomes available.

The list operated from Gibraltar will include London applicants. Those who apply in Gibraltar will have priority over London applicants as those in London already have accommodation. The time of waiting will be taken into consideration.

Calpe House accommodation is not transferable. Should you meet other patients from Gibraltar while in Hospital please do not offer to share or pass on your accommodation at Calpe House.

You may notice empty flats while in Calpe House, These flats will, in all likelihood have been allocated to patients on the waiting list in Gibraltar.

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An invitation to join the Friends of Calpe House

Many patients, family and friends become long term supporters of Calpe House, as they really appreciate the importance of this facility, this ‘home from home’ where people from Gibraltar can stay during their treatment in London.

The Friends of Calpe House is an association formed by people like you in (date). The Association aims to support the Trust who run Calpe House through fundraising activities. The Friends of Calpe House welcome new members to help with the valuable work of maintaining the home. For anyone wishing to become a Friend the membership fee is from £2 per month, but if you can pay a little more we would be very grateful. Members are entitled to attend, speak and vote at general meetings of the charity.

By now you will be aware of how accommodation is allocated, and will understand that even if you should become a Friend, or a regular supporter of Calpe House, the Trust is only able to respond to requests for assistance through the GHA on a ‘first come first served’ basis (unless the case is deemed to be a medical emergency by the patient’s Consultant).

So having said that, and appreciating the serious need there is to support Calpe House, the best way to help is with a monthly donation. This is easier for most individuals, and is certainly much better for the Trust, allowing them to schedule important works. To arrange this please fill in the Standing Order Mandate opposite, and hand it in to your Bank.

For single, ‘one off’ donations you can pay online using Pay Pal or a Credit Card on the donate page of this website, or by cash or cheque made payable to “The Friends of Calpe House” this can taken to the Calpe House office in Gibraltar, or sent to: The Membership Secretary, Calpe House, Coaling Island, Queensway, Gibraltar. (Please do not send cash through the post.)

Other fund raising activities, such as Flag Days, Fun Days, and so on are organised in order to raise funds. The Committee is always grateful for any assistance in running these events.

The Friends hold an Annual General Meeting which Members and the public are urged to attend. Anyone wishing to give further of their time may seek nomination to the Committee at the next Meeting of the Friends.

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Standing Order Mandate

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