Calpe House Trust


The object of these guidelines is to publish the system by which patients can obtain accommodation at Calpe House, ensuring that all patients are assured that they are being treated equally and in a fair and open manner in accordance with these rules.

1. If you wish to be considered for accommodation at Calpe House, you should notify the Sponsored Patients Department of the Gibraltar Health Authority. They will in turn liaise with the Trust.

2. Requests for accommodation will only be attended to if they are made via the Sponsored Patients Department if you are in Gibraltar, but see paragraphs 4 and 5 below.

3. The system is operated in practice on a first come first served basis, taken from the date and time of the request form received at the Trust’s office from the Sponsored Patients Department.

4. If accommodation will be unavailable at Calpe House for the requested date, this will be notified to you several days before your date of departure to the UK, up to when every effort will be made to accommodate you. However, if unsuccessful, your application will then be cancelled and your name taken off the list.

5. Following on from the above, if you wish to apply for accommodation whilst in London you may do so and your name will again be placed on the waiting list.

6. The list operated from Gibraltar will include the London applicants. Those who applied in Gibraltar have priority over those who applied whilst in London for the reasons that those in London already have accommodation, but consideration will be given to the original application date and length of stay. In addition, the time the patient and other patients are on the waiting list in Gibraltar will be taken into consideration.

7. Although the placing on the waiting list depends on the time of the notification by the Sponsored Patients Department, urgent cases, as deemed necessary by the Consultant, will be given priority, but are still subject to the availability of accommodation.

8. If you wish to be considered for accommodation whilst in London, please contact Housekeeper on tel +44 (0)20 7792 4854 from Monday to Friday between 9.30am to 1.30pm, leaving your telephone number, the address at which you are staying and any other relevant details, so that we may contact you as soon as accommodation becomes available.

9. Calpe House accommodation is not transferable. Accordingly, should you meet other patients from Gibraltar in hospital, who do not reside in Calpe House, please do not offer to share your accommodation at Calpe House or leave your Calpe House flat to them on your return to Gibraltar.

10. You may notice empty flats while in Calpe House. These flats will already have been allocated to patients on the waiting list, who are generally in transit from Gibraltar.

11. If once in London you are granted accommodation at Calpe House, the Sponsored Patients Department will be notified of this and subsequently your maintenance allowance will be re-assessed under the Sponsored Patients Department criteria.

12. There are 5 rooms that can accommodate 3 persons per room. That means that patients, their official escorts and one extra person (a Third Person) may share one of these rooms. It must be noted that the Third Person will be charged a fee, even during the period that the patient is admitted to hospital. The patient’s bed must be kept available for the patient at all times, even when the patient is in hospital.

13.Children may only be granted accommodation in Calpe House if they themselves are the patients. Children are not allowed to stay either as escorts or as Third Persons. Visitors are reminded that most of the patients in the building are ill or distraught at a patient’s illness and that their well-being is paramount. Visiting children must be kept under control by their parents or guardians. All patients must be accompanied by an escort capable of looking after all the patient’s needs.

14. All patients will be asked for particulars of the identification documents and medical appointments. The housekeeper must be informed after every appointment if a further appointment has been made so as to establish if the patient is to remain in London or is free to return to Gibraltar. The sooner our Gibraltar office knows your itinerary the better it is able to plan for the future use of your bedroom.

15. Once you have been discharged by your consultant or from hospital, you should contact the airline or the Sponsored Patients Department for them to arrange your flight back to Gibraltar. However, should you decide to remain in the UK for reasons other than medical, you should seek alternative accommodation forthwith thereby vacating Calpe House not later than 2 days after the date of your last appointment or discharge from hospital.