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4th July 2016

Lions Club of Gibraltar donate £2000

Charles Marfe of the Friends of Calpe Trust receiving a cheque for £2000 from the Lions club of Gibraltar treasurer, Leslie Bruzon and the outgoing president Pepe Palmero at a dinner on the Sunborn Yacht Hotel, attended by HE the Governor, Minister Samantha Sacramento and the Mayor Adolfo Canepa et al.


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8th June 2016

Miss Gibraltar 2016

“The Trustees of Calpe House want to thank Miss Gibraltar 2016 for making our appeal the sole objective for their fundraising this year and raising a total of £15,000. We want to personally thank the contestants, as well as the organisers and everyone else involved throughout the campaign. It is a wonderful achievement, which has brought our community together and highlighted the importance of the appeal. We are extremely grateful.

Albert Poggio OBE GMH, Vice-Chairman”


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17th May 2016

Miss Gibraltar Charity Single: OUR HOME

Would you like to reward the efforts of the Miss Gibraltar 2016 contestants and Afterhours? You can donate £1 to the Calpe House Appeal by calling 8974. (Calls cost £1 from Gib landlines. Mobile surcharges apply. Please seek bill payers’ permission). We hope this Charity Single will be shared lots and that it will encourage the community to get behind the wonderful project that is the new Calpe House.
Lyrics: Tim Garcia
Music: Afterhours
Performed by: Afterhours & Miss Gibraltar 2016 Contestants
Production: GibMedia
In aid of Calpe House Appeal

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16th May 2016

Painting to be Auctioned

Miss Gibraltar Contestants with Mario Finlayson Painting

Local artist Mario Finlayson has donated one of his paintings from the “Rooftops” collection to the Miss Gibraltar Calpe House Appeal.  The artwork is going out to public auction by sealed bids and has a reserve price of £2,000.

A spokesman for Stage One, organisers of Miss Gibraltar 2016 said: “We feel this is a great opportunity for someone to buy a painting from one of the Rock’s most prominent artists whilst at the same time helping Calpe House”.

The artwork is on display at the John Mackintosh Hall where sealed bids can be sent or handed in marked “Mario Finlayson for Calpe House”.  Bidders can also email if they prefer.

Bidders should include their name, contact number, email address and clearly state the amount in £’s at which they are bidding.

The closing date for bids is Tuesday 31st May.

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12th April 2016

Miss Gibraltar Contestant Cake Sale

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8th March 2016

A look into the future

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8th March 2016

Builders are in!

Norfolk Square Sign

The NEW Calpe House is currently being refurbished and builders are working hard on beautiful apartments that will boost patients’ accommodation by 350%!

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4th March 2016

New Calpe House in Norfolk Square

Works have started at the new Calpe House.

On Wednesday the 13th of January a meeting of the Trustees of the Calpe House Charitable Trust was held, at which the Trust’s Vice President, Mr. Albert Poggio was able to announce that Works had started the day before, on the new buildings at Norfolk Square, London W2.

The Trust was hugely touched by the fantastic response to their fundraising campaign which was launched on their flag day last month, 18th December.

The Guest Speakers had, to a man, underlined the importance of Calpe House, which has provided for the accommodation needs of patients on over 5000 visits to UK.

Chief Minister Fabian Picardo said he wholeheartedly supported the Trustees of Calpe House, having helped with the purchase of the buildings, and he asked the community to ‘Dig deep’ as they had in the past when the original Calpe House was proposed 30 years ago.

The Trust is also hugely grateful for the generosity of GSD Leader Daniel Feetham who pledged one month’s parliamentary salary to the ‘Calpe House Needs Your Help’ fundraising appeal. Minister for Health John Cortes highlighted the fact that even while the GHA hopes to be able to provide more and more courses of treatment in Gibraltar for patients, advances in medicine are such that there will always be a need of accommodation in London.

In order to keep up with the demand the Trust purchased a much bigger property in Norfolk Square, it is actually three houses together. When these have been refurbished, there will be 38 ensuite rooms.

The Trust intends that the new House will not only provide more accommodation but also increased services for patients. Albert Poggio hopes that the large common room that is in the plans will provide a much needed focal point for patients and families to socialise.

Calpe Trust is funded entirely by the people of Gibraltar, either directly through donations, or indirectly through the GHA, and in order to meet the costs of refurbishing the Grade II listed buildings that have been acquired, and converting them into self-contained flats suitable for patients’ accomodation, the people of Gibraltar must once again dig deep in our pockets so as many as possible of our people can find a place to stay in Calpe House, and that it is a ’Home from Home’’ in their time of need.

In just the few weeks since the launch of the appeal, the Trust has been very happy to receive offers of support of a practial nature, where members of the public or representatives from businesses have come forward with fundraising initiatives of their own. If anyone has any ideas for events they would like to see in Gibraltar or fundraising initiatives, they are invited to send these in for consideration.

For individuals wishing to donate, now of course it is even simpler to make a real and lasting contribution, as Calpe Trust moves with the times and invites new Friends to join them by to setting up a monthly payment, providing the Trustees, not only with immediate funding for the Works which started this week, but also a long term budget to aid them in planning for the future. If you would like to help build Calpe House please call Charles Marfe on Mob: 54040117, or visit the donate page of this website and click the donate button, there is an option there to select a monthly payment of your choice.

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4th March 2016

Isolas Staff Donate £2 a Month

This morning Albert Poggio and Charles Marfe of the Calpe House Charitable Trust met with Genevieve Bossino and the Staff of Isolas. Geneveive came up with a concept of co-ordinating, through their salary department, a £2 per month donation from every member of staff.

Genevieve said “Isolas and Fiduciary staff members  are very committed to supporting local charities, and this is such a worthwhile cause, something that so many face, that we are more than happy to help in this way.”

On behalf of the Trust, Albert Poggio said “I want to emphasise how grateful the Trust is to Genevive and to the Senior Partners and Staff of Isolas for this initiative. Albert continued “This demonstrates how Companies can support the the work of Calpe House with in-house fundraising.”

If you would like to join in the mammoth task of raising the funding required to build a much bigger Calpe House in London, for residents of Gibraltar to stay in when they are receiving specialist medical treatment, please contact Charles Marfe on 54040117, or go to the donation page.

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4th March 2016

Launch of the new “Calpe Trust Needs Your Help” campaign

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