Calpe House Trust


The Friends of Calpe House is an association formed by people like you. The Association aims to support the Trust who run Calpe House through fundraising activities. The Friends of Calpe House welcome new members to help with the valuable work of maintaining the home. For anyone wishing to become a Friend the membership fee is from £2 per month but if you can pay a little more we would be very grateful. Members are entitled to attend, speak and vote at general meetings of the charity.

People generally understand that even if they should become a Friend, or a regular supporter of Calpe House, the Trust is only able to respond to requests for accommodation in London through the GHA on a ‘first come first served’ basis (unless the case is deemed to be a medical emergency by the patient’s Consultant).

So having said that, and appreciating the serious need there is to support Calpe House, the best way to help is with a monthly donation. This is easier for most individuals, and is certainly much better for the Trust, allowing them to schedule important works. To arrange this please the Standing Order Mandate and hand it in to your Bank.

Single, ‘one-off’ payments can be made in a number of ways, cash or cheques may be delivered to the Calpe House office in Gibraltar.

Paypal Cheque & Cash
Donations are accepted via PayPal:

(Please do not send cash through the post)

The Membership Secretary,
Calpe House
Coaling Island