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16th May 2016

Painting to be Auctioned

Miss Gibraltar Contestants with Mario Finlayson Painting

Local artist Mario Finlayson has donated one of his paintings from the “Rooftops” collection to the Miss Gibraltar Calpe House Appeal.  The artwork is going out to public auction by sealed bids and has a reserve price of £2,000.

A spokesman for Stage One, organisers of Miss Gibraltar 2016 said: “We feel this is a great opportunity for someone to buy a painting from one of the Rock’s most prominent artists whilst at the same time helping Calpe House”.

The artwork is on display at the John Mackintosh Hall where sealed bids can be sent or handed in marked “Mario Finlayson for Calpe House”.  Bidders can also email if they prefer.

Bidders should include their name, contact number, email address and clearly state the amount in £’s at which they are bidding.

The closing date for bids is Tuesday 31st May.


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